Imagine a place where every child feels safe, loved and ready to learn.
Imagine a place where parents and caregivers have the chance to experience true connection and care from those who are ahead on the journey.

Imagine a place where children are able to express their thoughts and feelings with therapists that understand.
This is the vision of the Memphis Family Connection Center: holistic hope, healing, support, and care for the entire family. A place where families learn to move from simple survival to deep connection, awareness and joy.

“In order to help our children heal, we must understand and address the differences in their brain, body, biology, and beliefs.”
Dr. Karyn Purvis, Texas Christian University

Memphis Family Connection Center seeks to strengthen children, their families and their support systems by addressing the far-reaching effects of loss and trauma through holistic family centered care and training.

Our center provides counselors, therapists and practitioners who are informed by Trust Based Relational Intervention ® practice and are equipped to offer holistic hope, healing, support and care to children and families.

Memphis Family Connection Center is working to lead the charge toward offering holistic, affordable, trauma-responsive therapy in the Mid-South and beyond.