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The Memphis Family Connection Center currently offers services in the following areas:


Our certified Occupational Therapists are trained to work with your child on sensory regulation, feeding strategies and aspects of physical therapy. Because MFCC desires to equip families to provide therapeutic and healing homes, our OT’s take time to train parents in at-home strategies.


As part of our holistic approach to family care, our parent mentorship program offers an individualized plan of care and teaching with a combination of in-person evaluation, coaching and training, as well as regular phone consultations. We work on correcting disruptive behavior, creating a balance of nurture and structure, and recognizing fear based responses in order for families to create felt safety and connection in their homes.


We believe that safe places for truth, honesty and healing must extend to all members of a family. To that end, we contract and collaborate with several local counselors that are well-versed in trauma and connection care. Educational and neurological testing as well as family or individual mental health therapy can be provided through our partners.


For the child who has experienced trauma or malnourishment, healthy eating patterns can be hard to achieve. Nutritional help and support are often of utmost importance for the entire family. Our nutrition counselor will work with your family to provide plans and strategies for healthy intake, as well as emotional support during the process.

The Process

Due to the nature of our holistic, wraparound services, interested families must begin by filling out our intake form.


Next, you will be contacted by a Family Care Coordinator to discuss the specifics of your situation. Once our team has met, we will provide you with a collaborative plan of care to begin or continue your journey toward healing. You will then have the opportunity to determine which services you’d like to take advantage of, and  you are always free to return to the care plan to make adjustments. All of the services provided through MFCC are confidentially managed by our comprehensive online medical portal (EHR) – there you will be able to schedule appointments and communicate with your provider. Throughout the process, our team is just a phone call away – to provide insight, a creative look and strategies as needed. You can expect to begin appointments roughly two weeks after filling out your family intake form.

A word on appointment cancelations:

Families are encouraged to utilize pre-payment discount for services. If a family needs to cancel within 24 hours after pre-payment, they will receive one “free” pass to reschedule an appointment without additional pay, but thereafter, will lose that visit from a payment perspective. For “pay per visit” families, payment will occur via online invoice and will be due 48 hours in advance of the appointment. If family needs to reschedule at that time or payment isn’t complete, an effort will be made to contact by office staff, but ultimately appointment will be canceled. Generally speaking, a cancellation inside of 24 hours can not be refunded.

Cost and Payment

MFCC is a self-pay, sliding scale organization. Our service fees have been set well below insurance co-pay averages, to support the need for excellent care by growing families. Our online billing system provides a pre-payment discount for those able to pay well in advance. Additionally, every family has the opportunity to apply for financial assistance. All specific cost, billing and financial assistance information will be available once you receive your plan of care. Specific questions can be directed to your Family Care Coordinator via phone.