The foundation for emotional and mental health is rooted in connection, attachment, and holistic well-being. As part of our integrated care approach, we have a variety of counseling services, including individual, couples, family, child, and adolescent counseling.

Many of our clients have been impacted by adoption/foster care, experienced the impact of broken attachment cycles, and been exposed to Adverse Childhood Experiences. With this in mind our clinical team meets each child, adult, and family with an approach rooted in trust and connection.

Our dedicated counselors support our clients as they process the impacts of the past, move towards well-being in their daily lives, and make strides towards a more hopeful future.


We prioritize connecting with each client in an emotionally safe space so that they can grow towards new levels of healing, wholeness and emotional well-being. Our counselors focus on helping adults explore and resolve their stories of trauma and loss as well as build support strategies to manage the demands of daily life. We support our clients’ journeys to build full lives with healthy connections to others.


By honoring their unique developmental level, play and creative Play and creative expression are the language of childhood. While honoring their unique developmental stages, our therapists specialize at using this language to help children identify and express their emotions, forging new paths towards growth and healing.


Teens and young adults have specific needs that are distinct from those of children or independent adults. Our counselors and therapists are adept at supporting teens through this stage of growing bodies and brains, changing hormones, and fluctuating needs.


Intimate relationships often offer the greatest joys and challenges of our lives. The work of partnering with someone through life means exposing the very best and worst of ourselves, including traumas, attachment wounds, and betrayal. Our therapists offer a secure place for couples to work through these challenges and offer themselves and each other the gift of presence. 


Individual therapy, while valuable, is not the only path to healing. Sometimes exploring intra-family dynamics with the support of a counselor helps families to reach new levels of communication and connection. Our family counselors help build strong attachments, deepen relationships, repair ruptures, improve communication and move families toward hope and healing in the midst of the ebb and flow of daily life.