Join us for a fun 6 week movement and dance class! Sessions will be 45 mins each, and will incorporate music, props and activities to make movement fun. Students are encouraged to wear dance clothing, or clothing that makes it easy to move and flex. Some work will be done in bare feet, so please no footed tights.

Tuesday February 20 – April 10
Ages 3-5 4:30p-5:15p
Ages: 6-9 5:25p-6:10p
Cost: $45 per child, no more than $90 per family
(if you need to register more than two children, choose scholarship for additional kids)

note: this class is designed to teach nonverbal communication strategies that build trust. Let us know if your child needs special assistance or care in a particular capacity (movement, speech/language, or otherwise). We’d love to have your daughter or son!