peer groups

There is a unique healing power that comes from being seen and known in a supportive community. This is as true for children and adolescents as it is for adults.  

Our Peer Groups offer just that opportunity! 

Peer Groups are a gentle way to enter the therapeutic process by connecting with others in similar life stages.  While providing a place of hope and healing they also improve social, emotional, and relational well-being, and teach coping skills and strategies to help manage the demands of daily life. Our peer groups offer our families a budget-friendly tool to get access to high quality care. Not only are they an integral part of a whole child support plan, they serve as a gradual on and off ramp for individual counseling.

Let’s E.A.T. – Explore Attunement Together

How to utilize food interactions as a pathway towards growth and connection.
5 Sessions on Wednesdays 12-1 pm $250
Participation is for 3-5 yr olds accompanied to group by one caregiver/parent
Lead by: Katherine Byrd, MA, CCC-SLP & Luz Wolf, OTR/L SPDPROII, DIR-FloorTime CL1

Throughout history eating and exploring food together has provided opportunities to build trust and connection between caregivers and their children. We also know that children learn through imitating others. Let’s E.A.T. combines both food and social interaction to provide the opportunity to make food exploration fun, more engaging, and less scary for children. Throughout the duration of the group, children will become more comfortable with mealtime structure and exploration of various food textures, tastes, temperatures, smells, and colors in a safe and nurturing environment. 

Food interactions will be child led and play-based in order to offer a safe and enjoyable environment while simultaneously building mealtime skills and readiness. Parents and children will leave each session with resources and strategies to implement and practice over the following week. *This group requires participation of one caregiver/parent per child

Nurture Group (5-7yr olds)

This group is currently full. Please check back for future nurture groups!
6 Sessions on Mondays 4-5pm $75
3/21/22 – 4/25/22
Lead by: Stela Sinanaj EdS/MS and Natalie Sterling

Nurture is at the foundation of who we are. At a very young age children can learn how to express their needs and how to meet the needs of others. This nurture group will offer opportunities for children to learn social skills and emotional regulation skills in a group setting. Children will learn how to use their voice to express their feelings and needs while learning coping skills. In other terms, we will learn how to stick together, care for each other, and ultimately have lots of fun.  At the end of each session our we will provide a summary of the skills that we learned together, so that parents can use the same language at home.

Social Skills Group (8-10yr olds)

This group is currently full. Please check back for future social skills groups!
6 Sessions on Wednesdays 5-6pm $75
3/23/22 – 4/27/22
Lead by: Jill Stockburger, MC,MA/EAT & Stela Sinanaj, EdS/MS

Our thoughts and feelings play an important role in our behavior. In this group, we will become more aware of our thoughts and feelings while learning practical ways to manage them more effectively. Through a combination of cognitive-behavioral therapy, mindfulness, and expressive arts therapy, children will learn emotional regulation skills to address anxiety and anger in healthier ways. Together we will explore the meaning behind each social skill and will practice them with each other. Each week we will provide a summary of our sessions and skills to practice at home. We firmly believe that the integration of these skills in the home setting makes a huge difference and honors the caregiver-child relationship. Your child will walk away with an emotional toolbox, and you will walk away with ways to provide support. It’s a win-win right?

Interested in connecting with other parents and caregivers? 

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