At Memphis Family Connection Center, we believe that real hope can be felt and healing can happen in the group format. Our Nurture and Care Groups are offered throughout the year for parents and children, and are facilitated by professionals trained in group therapy. Nurture groups are great way to begin to connect to the MFCC community.

Social Skills Nurture Groups

For the child that needs a little extra support and learning in social situations (interacting with siblings, schoolmates or adults), a nurture group can offer a safe place where trust can be built among peers and caring adults. Meeting twice monthly with no more than six kids, fun, felt safety and learning are key.

Adoptive/Foster Mom Nurture Groups

These sessions operate in a group counseling model. Trust for one another and security of story are very important in this setting. An opportunity to meet the felt need of community but in a therapeutic setting designed for personal growth, each session will have a focus area to enable women to grow in their understanding of empowerment and connection as they relate to all aspects of life.

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