Billing Specialist and Family Care Team

Jamie joined the staff of MFCC in 2017, after completing her degree in Human Services, with a concentration in Child and Family Services.  Jamie has always had a passion for the foster and adoption community; which quickly ignited her love for the mission of MFCC and staff.  After she and her husband, Kyle, adopted their three little girls, they learned the impact of trauma and the importance of connection-based parenting.  MFCC has been an integral part of their journey, as they continue to learn and implement tools from the trust-based relational interventions model.  Jamie enjoys serving alongside her husband in the local community as the executive pastors of a church, and as the billing specialist and family care team member for MFCC.  Jamie believes that through her work at MFCC, she can help all families get access to care that they need.  Fulfilling her position in billing, she gives back by providing sustainability and helps support the staff, clients, and mission of MFCC.  She also loves being a part of the family care team as they review new intake submissions, coming alongside families while hearing their stories in the initial intake meetings, and help develop personalized care plans to meet the family’s needs.  Through the family care team, MFCC is introduced to these courageous individuals and families seeking services in a safe and healing environment.