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Let’s E.A.T. – Explore Attunement Together

How to utilize food interactions as a pathway towards growth and connection.
5 Sessions on Wednesdays 12-1pm $250
Participation is for 3-5 yr olds accompanied to group by one caregiver/parent
Lead by: Katherine Byrd, MA, CCC-SLP & Luz Wolf, OTR/L SPDPROII, DIR-FloorTime CL1

Throughout history eating and exploring food together has provided opportunities to build trust and connection between caregivers and their children. We also know that children learn through imitating others. Let’s EAT combines both food and social interaction to provide the opportunity to make food exploration fun, more engaging, and less scary for children. Throughout the duration of the group, children will become more comfortable with mealtime structure and exploration of various food textures, tastes, temperatures, smells, and colors in a safe and nurturing environment. 

However, the goal of this group is not to increase the quantity of preferred or tolerated foods. Rather, it is to guide caregivers to attune to the specific needs of their child and practice skills to approach food and mealtime in a way that supports safety and connection while decreasing the stress response.

Let’s E.A.T. will be led by both an occupational therapist and speech language pathologist with special training in the area of feeding strategies. An initial feeding questionnaire will be completed prior to the group beginning in order to tailor the program to your child’s specific needs. The group will typically begin with a sensory motor activity and progress to the table where both caregivers and children will explore the foods together through various senses and social engagement activities. Food interactions will be child led and play-based in order to offer a safe and enjoyable environment while simultaneously building mealtime skills and readiness. Parents and children will leave each session with resources and strategies to implement and practice over the following week.

**Please note that both the child and one caregiver will attend the group together each week. We ask that you please make arrangements for other siblings during the group time.**

Children who may benefit from the group may experience the following:

  • Eats less than 20 foods
  • Will sometimes stop eating previously preferred foods
  • Often described as a picky eater
  • Concerns have been expressed to or from the pediatrician regarding nutritional intake
  • May refuse whole categories of food (textures, colors, vegetables, meats, etc..)
  • Mealtimes are stressful
  • Eats a separate meal from family
  • May have meltdowns or refusals when new foods are presented
  • Has increased difficulty participating in mealtime routine

Full payment due at the first session 4/13/22

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Let’s EAT (Explore Attunement Together): “How to utilize food interactions as a pathway towards growth and connection”
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