Occupational Therapist

Luz Adriana Wolf is an Occupational Therapist with 31 years of professional experience in Pediatrics. Since early in her professional development, Luz identified her call for working with children, and since then she has been very passionate for providing excellent care for children, their families and their communities.

Luz holds a variety of certifications and specialized treatment such as SOS Approach to
Feeding, DIR Floor time and she is a Certified professional by the American Neurodevelopmental Association. Luz holds certifications as a provider for several listening programs. Luz obtained her Proficiency Certificate in Sensory Processing Disorder given by the STAR Institute in Colorado and under Lucy Jane Miller. Luz has participated as an invited speaker for University students in Occupational Therapy Programs, Professional Groups, Community groups and International Pediatric Conferences. Luz is also a Mentor to less experienced Occupational Therapists.

Luz enjoys spending time with her family and she is a dog lover.