Lead by: Christy Edwards, MABC

6 Sessions on Thursdays 12:30-2pm
Cost: $125 for the series

In our Mom’s Care Groups moms have a safe space to share, attune to their own feelings and thoughts, and interact with other moms. Through learning to pay attention to and understand our reactions to life’s stressors and our children’s needs and behaviors, we can better connect with them and guide them toward healing and growth. 

We aim to provide a safe, confidential space to process your own history through sharing your story, understanding your triggers, and interacting with other moms in similar situations. Embarking on this journey takes courage to be vulnerable and effort to work toward forming new habits so change can take place. Group members will find strength knowing they are not alone in the journey and encouragement that this process reaps the reward of a more connected familyFear brings us strength. It is the feeling that allows us to experience risk, trust, collaboration, and ultimately wisdom because it helps us realize our need for help.”