The occupational therapist must possess at least a Bachelor’s degree in Occupational Therapy and a valid state license. Highly recommend a minimum of one year experience in pediatrics/similar setting. Following the interview, a potential candidate must complete and pass a background check before proceeding in the hiring process.


  • Familiarity with the impact of trauma on the development and daily functioning of children. 
  • Strongly encouraged: Further education, experience, and/or certification in pediatric treatment methods, TBRI, and/or Sensory Integration. 
  • Credentialing with third party payers


The role of occupational therapist requires a thorough understanding of typical development and ability to evaluate/assess current level of occupational performance. He/She will then develop an appropriate plan of care and consistently reevaluate and update as treatment progresses.  The occupational therapist should be able to collaborate and educate caregivers and assist with identifying barriers to successful performance within the home, school, and community environments. Recommendations for modifications or adaptations should be provided as appropriate.


Occupational therapists at Memphis Family Connection Center work with children and caregivers by providing trauma-informed services in order to promote independence, engagement, healing, and connection in and through meaningful activities. These activities should support the overall development and health of the client.


The occupational therapist should develop a treatment plan and execute all direct treatment services for his/her pediatric clients (both in person and telehealth services as applicable). The occupational therapist may provide supervision or mentorship if an occupational therapy assistant or intern joins the MFCC team. In addition, the occupational therapist should complete all required documentation including initial evaluations, daily treatment notes, progress reports, and discharge summaries within a timely manner. The occupational therapist should participate in staff meetings, in-service trainings, and planned relevant workshops, seminars, and training events. All staff should help maintain clean and orderly working spaces.


Memphis Family Connection Center provides a unique and flexible work experience which allows for collaboration with multi-disciplines; therefore, providing holistic care for the client and caregiver(s). Staff should be flexible, have good communication and interpersonal skills in order to work as a team and to ensure good carryover with clients and caregivers.