Some parents find they need help with practical application as they strive to implement connecting, correcting, and empowering strategies in their home. As part of our holistic approach to family care, our Parent Mentorship program offers 6 individualized meetings, 60-90 minutes in length. During this time, we “deep dive” into an integrated parenting approach specific to your family and situation, utilizing TBRI and trauma informed strategies. There’s some homework involved, and we work together on a “message behind the behavior” chart as well as goal setting. One session will involve observation in the home for the purpose of strategy setting.

We require all adults who are parenting in the home to be present for the meetings, as this helps us gain the most information to tailor Parent Mentorship to the needs of your family.

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Memphis Family Connection Center | Memphis, TNWe work on correcting disruptive behavior, creating a balance of nurture and structure, and recognizing fear based responses in order for families to create felt safety in their homes. We guide parents how to respond to meltdowns and sensory overload while keeping connection intact.  Additionally, we equip parents with strategies to recognize and remove parental barriers to connection. Through parent mentorship, families can increase their personal level of confidence in applying Trust Based Relationship Intervention strategies with their children as they create a healing home.