Red Tub Day 2023

Red Tub Day 2023

When Memphis Comes Together to Give Kids Christmas

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One Donation, Two Gifts

For over 10 years, Red Tub Day has been a community celebration for children and foster families in the Memphis area. What started as a simple event to bring joy to kids, has become a community-driven party that not only gives gifts to kids but continuously supports therapeutic healing for families in need.

When you share your donation of $250, you’ll support families in two ways: $125 goes towards filling a red tub with requested gifts for an individual child. The second $125 supports Memphis Family Connection Center which provides high-quality and low to no-cost integrated therapeutic services for Memphis area families throughout the year.

One Donation, Two Gifts

What is Red Tub Day?

In 2010, we asked the Shelby County Department of Children Services: “What can we do for you?” And they said, “We have nearly 30 kids who need Christmas.” So we gathered up a bunch of Red Tubs, asked people to pitch in, and Red Tub Day was born!

Over the last 12 years, over 6,700 Red Tubs have been provided to children at risk and in foster care. In collaboration with over 15 organizational partners, we will host our annual Red Tub Day party where the children will be presented with their gifts.

Sponsor Red Tub Day

Interested in getting involved with Red Tub Day? You, your business, or your church can become an official sponsor of Red Tub Day. Sponsors will be in all marketing materials and at the Christmas party. Sponsors ensure every child receives a tub, offsets costs of the event, and provides much-needed funding for Memphis Family Connection Center.

Red Tub Day Sponsors

Memphis Family Connection Center provides low-to-no-cost integrated therapeutic services to Memphis Families. The team at MFCC operates collaboratively, and views abiding relationships as primary in building healthy families and healthy homes.