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Reflect, Reclaim & Resilience (15-17 yr olds)

Teen Girls Empowerment Group
5 sessions $125
July 25-29
2:00 PM-3:00 PM
Lead by: Jill Stockburger MC, MA/EAT, Natalie Sterling & Hannah Maschmeyer

Social connection and belonging are core needs for teenage girls. During the pandemic, many teenagers felt disconnected and experienced a loss of community. Engaging in meaningful peer interaction and support facilitates emotional awareness, perspective, and empathy.

Together we will reflect on our stories, reclaim any lost pieces, and build resilience for the rest of our journey. Through group interaction, craftsmanship, and visual art, this group reduces anxiety, teaches self-soothing, fosters feelings of competence, and develops overall confidence.

Full payment due at the first session 7/25/2022

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