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All of the therapeutic services MFCC offers are based in Trust Based Relational Intervention theory. We believe that excellent care can be offered while teaching and healing through empowerment and connection.

Occupational Therapy

Our licensed Occupational Therapists are trained in attachment-based strategies and regulation methods that help organize the child’s body and brain. Sensory work, feeding strategies and therapeutic listening are often implemented. Because MFCC desires to equip families to provide therapeutic and healing homes, our OT team takes time to train parents in at-home strategies.

Speech Therapy

Many children struggle to properly synthesize and interpret their environment, leading to increases in behavioral diagnoses and struggles at home. When communication is a struggle, children feel less empowered to connect. Additionally, language acquisition can sometimes be a roadblock – so our Speech Language Pathologists are trained to gently lead children toward mastery.

Mental Health Therapy and Counseling

At MFCC, we believe that safe places for truth, honesty and healing must extend to all members of a family. To that end, we contract and collaborate with several local counselors that are well-versed in trauma and connection care. Educational and neurological testing as well as family or individual mental health therapy can be provided through our partners.

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