Together: Family Intensive

The mission of Memphis Family Connection Center has always been to provide specialized services for individuals and families in the foster/adopt/kinship community. The ability to walk alongside families as they navigate the layers of trauma and healing continues to be at the heart of our work.

As MFCC strives to serve the community, our mission to provide high quality care continues. We want to ensure families in the foster/adopt/kinship community can access specialized services for both children and parents/caregivers. With that in mind, we are excited to announce a new program specifically for families in this community. 

Together: Family Intensive from Empowered to Connect is an intensive counseling and family support program. The 12-week Together program is for adoptive, foster and kinship families with children ages 4-15 yrs old.

Program activities consist of a variety of components working cohesively to support overall family well-being, improve parent competencies, and assist children in regulation, connection, and healing. 

The essential components of Together: 

  • Empowered to Connect’s Equip Parent Coaching (for parents/caregivers)
  • Weekly family counseling sessions (child and family)
  • Cohort connection opportunities

Equip Parent Coaching:

Equip Parent Coaching provides one-on-one support empowering parents and caregivers to be confident, calm, curious, compassionate and connected. Parenting can be challenging, overwhelming, and lonely. Equip Parent Coaches provide support, practical strategies, and personalized plans for families informed by Trust Based Relational Intervention (TBRI®).

Caregivers participate in 10 consecutive weeks of Equip Parent Coaching. Weekly coaching can be a combination of virtual or in-person and each session lasts 1.5 hours. (Participants must be available for daytime scheduling Monday-Thursday 8:30-3:00 CST based on provider availability.)

Coaching strategies take into account a wide range of topics including: current challenges in your home, how to use Connecting Practices to address behavior and promote positive relationships, how to respond to behaviors both in the moment, and proactively, how to meet a child’s sensory processing, nutritional and other physiological needs, and how to adapt strategies for different ages and stages as your children grow.

Family Counseling Sessions:

During the program, caregivers and child/children participate in counseling sessions once a week for 10 consecutive weeks. The intensive provides a mix of individual, parent, child and family sessions designed to focus on building connection and attachment as well as collaborative problem solving around specific behaviors. 

MFCC counselors use a variety of therapeutic modalities, including cognitive behavioral therapy and experiential therapy (e.g. role-playing TBRI® based skills covered in Equip, expressive arts therapy, story telling, and play therapy).

Counseling sessions are typically held Monday – Thursday between the hours of 8:30AM-3:00PM CST. *Families must be willing to attend day time counseling sessions during the course of the program.

Cohort Connection:

Together is run in a cohort model with multiple families starting simultaneously. Over the course of the program there will be two cohort gatherings as well as a private online group

Week one of the program starts with a Family Kick Off gathering at MFCC. Families will have the opportunity to meet one another as well as their coaches and counselors. Parents and caregivers will also be added to a private group in our social networking platform, Mighty Networks, where there will be weekly prompts, and engagement opportunities. The cohort finishes with a final Family Closing gathering comprised of an opportunity to debrief with other parents and participate in a final family group experience. 

Time Commitment:

During the 12 week Together Intensive, the family receives 34 hours of support: 15 hours of coaching for the parents (1.5 hrs a week for 10 weeks), 4 hours of family gathering (2 meeting, 2hrs each), 10 hours of family counseling, and 5 hours of case management support and cohort connection opportunities. 


Together: Family Intensive Program cost approximately $467 per week per family for a total of  $5,600 per family (with 1 child participating). 

Believing cost should not be a barrier to high-quality care for adopt/foster/kinship families, our development team and generous donors are committed to helping offset those costs in order to provide exemplary support at a reduced rate to families

Sliding scale scholarships are available to offset the expense to participants! Making the weekly cost between $100-$200 per week for 3 hours of weekly care and support. 

When possible, insurance will be filed to cover counseling sessions (co-pays may be required).

Next Steps:

Waitlist: The program runs several times a year, and each cohort has a limited number of participating families. Due to the high demand and success of the program, there is a wait list. We highly recommend getting on the waitlist as soon as possible. This does not guarantee a future spot nor does it commit your family to participation. 
Application: When a family is approaching the top of the waitlist, they will be sent an application to begin the process. Families will have the support of a Family Care Support Specialist each step of the way!

Together: Family Intensive is expected to launch Fall of 2024!

Make sure to get up to date information by joining the waitlist!

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