Director of Programs

Tona Ottinger one of the co-founders of Memphis Family Connection Center serves as the Director of Programs for Empowered to Connect, giving oversight and vision to community based services. 

20 years ago, when Tona and her husband Mark brought their first of 6 children home via adoption, they began dreaming about a holistic center to support families as they walk the journey of adoption and foster care. Since that time, she has served, equipped, taught, and supported hundreds of adoptive and foster parents both in Memphis and around the country, as a trainer for Empowered to Connect, podcast host, content creator, and a conference speaker. She is committed to empowering parents, professionals, nonprofits, churches, and communities with tools to create safe, attachment-rich spaces for children and families to thrive. She brings both her personal parenting experience, her heart for resourcing and supporting others, and her drive for justice, hope and healing to the MFCC team.